A photo contest with room renovation and high-class gaming hardware for a prize.

Client: Microsoft
Product: 15th anniversary for the XBOX brand

In the life cycle of every video game enthusiast sooner or later comes the time to replace old rigs, but opportunities to broaden the gaming atmosphere beyond the screen are extremely rare. While celebrating the 15th anniversary of the XBOX brand with Microsoft, we had the pleasure of organizing the contest “Extreme Makeover: Gaming Edition” (“Pokój nie do poznania”), in which the prize was a renovation service of a room, selecting new furniture, high-end hardware and decorative elements thematically related to video games.

The contest had a relatively low entry threshold which resulted in over 400 submissions. Participants were asked to sent a photograph of the room in which they are spending days and nights playing video games, and provide motivation in written form as to why that room deserves to be renovated. To effectively promote the idea among our users, we have used not only the advertising space available on our website – which included a combination of large, visible forms of Welcome Screen and Screening with others allowing to establish a satisfying reach – but also social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and a YouTube video encouraging the users to participating in the contest.

At each and every stage, we watched over the proper course of the contest. From creating a dedicated website and gathering submissions, through community management and selecting the winner, up to organizing and overseeing the logistics of the renovation itself and delivering gadgets, hardware, and decorations – we have made the winner’s room undergo a truly extreme makeover.

The final product was a high-quality video produced by the team of which showcased not only the initial state, the step-by-step renovation and the end result, but also contained statements and real emotions of the winner and those who were involved in the process. Employed colors, editing, and picking specific shots and imagery allowed a natural, non-invasive content marketing of the brand.

Introductory video:

Renovation summary video:

Before renovation:

After renovation:


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