A competition of picking the winners of e-sports finals matches in Katowice.

Client: SteelSeries
Product: SteelSeries products

The “Roulette” on GRY-OnLine is a topic to which we return regularly as a part of the football World Cup and the UEFA European Championship. Every two years we go back to the topic, and together with our users we pick out winners of matches and compete for valuable prizes. In this case, we decided to use this system in the context of e-sports competition. Namely, on behalf of our client – SteelSeries, we invited our readers to have fun in typing the results of real matches taking place during the Intel Extreme Masters 2016 Finals in Katowice.

A week before the games, users of our portal were given the opportunity to bet the results of the first matches. After that, during four whole days, while following the games in Katowice – they were typing the winners of the matches that followed on a specially prepared, dedicated page. On the same page, besides the table with the results and relevant visuals in the form of bracket, we’ve also put the ranking mechanisms, so that everyone can verify their score and placement at any time. Additionally, the site was a source of basic information on the teams participating in the tournament. Each of them contained information such as team roster and a brief summary of its achievements, so that anyone who is not familiar with the topic – could briefly get acquainted with a handful of information. The best betters were awarded by SteelSeries with sets of mice, keyboards and headphones.

The whole action was very well received by our users, and enabled us to present the already proven formula from a slightly different angle, in which we’ve definitely succeeded. 

Contest website:

Obraz10Comments of our users:

russakes2, 05.03.2016 19:03
“Cool contest, will there be something like that on the next tournament?”

margol151, 05.03.2016 19:13
“I agree 🙂
cool thing, even if you don’t win, Betting matches introduces the thrill of emotions. Gambling like that is better than with the real money ;)”

RedDemolca1, 08.03.2016 18:51
“Congratulations to all participants. Great initiative from Gry-Online side ;)”

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