Non-standard promotional action for Asssasin’s Creed Origins premiere.

Client: Ubisoft
Product: Non-standard promotional action for Assassin’s Creed Origins
Contest website: http://origins.gry-online.pl/

Our motto at GRYOnLine.pl is “Our standard is non-standard”. Working together with Ubisoft, in the wake of long awaited Assassin’s Creed Origins premiere, we had the pleasure of organizing a non-standard promotional campaign, which consisted of: videos (popular science and quasi-historical) and contest “Historical point of view of Assassins and Templars”.

Advertising campaign was divided into three segments: a breakthrough video material, literary contest and complementary use of advertising space.

The most prominent part of the action was a high quality video material, organized fully by TVGRY.pl team, featuring facts and myths related to the main hero’s actions as seen in the game, in similar fashion to popular science TV program “MythBusters”. We needed aid with many myth-busting concepts, so we contacted the experts: archer Wojciech Łanda and falconer Adam Mroczek. To promote the idea further among our users we prepared propaganda recruitment videos, from Assassins’ and Templars’ perspectives. In addition, a video with outtakes and bloopers was made.

Main prize of the contest was an XBOX ONE X console and game Assassin’s Creed Origins Collector’s Edition. The contest had a mid-level entry threshold (for literary contests usually it is low-level entry, but this time participants had to possess historical knowledge) which resulted in over 180 submissions. Participants were asked to send a short story describing one of five provided historical events from the perspective of either an Assassin or a Templar. To effectively promote action further we used not only advertising space, but also our social media channels and editorial content. Two videos mentioned earlier were published on YouTube, as an additional promotion.

At each and every stage, we watched over the proper course of the action. From organizing movie sets and reaching to experts, through creating a dedicated website and gathering submissions, through community management to selecting the winner.

Both the contest and video material were met with very positive reception from our users. Main video feature in the first week after publishing on YouTube achieved over 450 000 views, and became one of our most viewed publication in addition to being best received video with the most positive opinions. Other videos get over 200 000 views. After the action was finished, the client received high quality video content for further promotional uses.

Assassins introductory video:

Templars introductory video:

Popular science video inspired by MythBusters:

Behind the scenes:



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