A futuristic writing contest with comfortable gaming chairs for prizes.

Client: SPC Gear
Product: gaming chairs

Playing favorite video games is a rather stationary activity, while gamers themselves have a peculiar ability to stay near-motionless throughout long hours of virtual enjoyment. Thankfully, along with the popularization of gaming itself, the market has answered with dedicated solutions which allow to enjoy games in complete comfort and with a proper back support. Together with SPC Gear we organized a “Fotelpunk 2117” contest, in which the winners could choose their gaming chairs, models and colors included. To effectively promote the action we used not only advertising space, but also our social media channels (Facebook) and editorial content.

The contest task was simple – we invited our users to let their imagination run freely and describe how gaming chairs would look in 100 years. Writing competitions are proving to be popular at every occasion due to their simple form, while the low entry threshold for this competition (writing a text up to 2000 characters) resulted in about 380 entries. Participants approached the subject in various ways: some described complicated mechanical harnesses, others holographic technology, and others again direct human-machine connection straight from sci-fi movies.

The contest was also an opportunity to upgrade and unify the chairs in our offices, which resulted in long-term product placement in all video materials prepared by the team over many subsequent months (VOD, stream).


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