Historical TV footage about aircrafts and a video competition.

Client: NVIDIA
Product: NVIDIA GeForce video cards

What connects airplanes and computer components? That was the question we asked ourselves, preparing a great new contest through an interesting promotional campaign for our readers. That is, of course, the game War Thunder, which served us as an intermediary to present the latest NVIDIA graphics cards. In order to approach the subject uniquely, we’ve attempted a completely new experience for us, to appropriately illustrate what we wanted to present.

During a few intense days of work we’ve created five episodes of a show on a scale of television production, where we’ve presented five different aircraft models and in ingenious way we’ve compiled their technical capabilities to with features of NVIDIA graphics cards. The entire footage was created during nighttime shooting, in collaboration with a professional film crew, at the Polish Aviation Museum, so we were able to provide real aircraft models. And the video cards detail was filmed in a specially prepared studio. As a result, the show was created at a very high and professional level.

The next step was to encourage our readers to take part in the competition, where in two modes – standard and veteran, participants were invited to create their own film productions. The standard one asked for a creative presentation of the game itself. And in the veteran mode we asked the participants to create their own compilations of selected aircraft with desktops owned by them, following the example of the material that we’ve previously created (including the creation of copyright video).

As a result of the whole action, apart from the created show, plethora of incredibly ambitious and exciting works by self-taught filmmakers were sent to us. This was at the same time another great experience for us on the creation of professional video productions.

Winner in STANDARD mode:

Winner in VETERAN mode:

“GeForce Squadron” Show:

Obraz10Comments of our readers:

Sethlan 11.06.2015 18:12
“I must admit that I even laughed when watching first place of STANDARD.
Congratulations to the winners, not just any prize. ;)”

K4RO8 11.06.2015 18:15
“I hope to see more of the video editing competitions in the not distant future. I’d love to take part again. Great idea, just wish you’d divide the prizes more. The difference in reward between the winner and the other places is in my opinion too high.Nevertheless, thanks for the award. […]”

BarteQus 11.06.2015 19:54
“Thank you for appreciating my work 😀 I congratulate to the winner of the “veteran” mode and to all awarded ones ;)”

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