Writing contest connected with video production during exclusive VIP trip to PGA gaming fair!

Client: ASUS Polska
Product: ASUS hardware

Gaming and technology fairs are perfect opportunity to establish long-term cooperation to combine an interesting idea for a prize along with the display of partner’s products as an official sponsor of the whole.

The main goal of the complex non-standard action was the prolonged promotion of ASUS and their latest products. The campaign consisted of:
1) Writing contest in which the task was to answer: “What are your best memories with the Republic of Gamers?”. Participants shared with us their stories in various forms about ROG products. Contest was promoted in news on GRY-Online, FLESZ materials on the Youtube TVGRYplus channel, posts on the official Facebook profile and specially dedicated display campaign.
2) A VIP trip to the PGA fair in Poznan, where the prize included: PGA entry with the VIP option, accommodation in a four-star hotel, reimbursement of travel expenses, an exclusive dinner with organizers and TVGRY influencers, ASUS gadgets and the opportunity to try ASUS laptops in a hotel with games: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Frostpunk.
3) Video material from VIP trip, as well as from the ASUS Republic of Gamers zone. The material was provided with information about the partnership, and also positioned on dedicated contest page during the summary.

Contest page itself presented more than rules of the whole action, but also the attractions waiting for the participants at the ASUS Republic of Gamers zone and a description of the partner’s latest products. We did not only create a website and updated it regularly, but also took care of all logistics of the entire prize, prepared community management and looked after the competition winners in Poznan.

Thanks to such a campaign, the client gained an interesting promotion of his brand, a long presence on the GRY-Online sites, while the action itself received enthusiastic feedback thanks to the possibility of going on a truly royal, geek-like trip to the PGA gaming fair.

TVGRYpl video material with contest winners


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