Anthem – become a scriptwriter or a cartoonist

Anthem – become a scriptwriter or a cartoonist

A double contest, a series of comics, an open guide and streams

Client: Electronic Arts Poland
Product: Anthem
Anthem contest website:

For Anthem launch we have prepared something special for fans of the world of superheroes, science fiction and comic entertainment.

The activation campaign around the new BioWare title studio consisted of: comic series drawn by our cartoonist drawn by our cartoonist, a double competition, two streams transmitted by TVGRYpl team and the open no-limit game guide available for readers.

We decided to support the promotion of the game and introduce readers to the atmosphere of the comic contest in an unusual way. On, we published a comic series titled “Anthem – How to survive in the jungle”, consisting of four comics. Each drawing was focused on one of the four javelins (exosuits) known from the game, describing their functionality and the most important features in a humorous way.
To maintain the comic mood, we organized a double contest including two categories. Those who wanted to get RTX 2080 Ti and have a talent to create interesting stories, were asked to write a comic scenario. For those pros who love drawing and they would like to be awarded with a professional graphic tablet, the competition task was sending a ready comic. The contest, despite the high entry threshold, met with a huge interest of our community, from which in total we received over 290 applications. The action was additionally supported by the cartoon design of our drawer/ilustrator. What’s more the prize-winning scenarios were arranged for ready-made comics that we published on

In addition, our video team has planned two streams, showing game mechanics and gameplay. Streams we’re published during two important moments – during the open beta tests and the day before launch. To strenghten the whole campaign, we prepared and published an open game guide, available for our readers without any limit on

Comics drawn based on winners’ scenarios

Winning cartoons drawn by contestants


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