GOL Screening (SiteSkin)


Most prestigious visual advertising element, connecting advantages of static clickable themed wallpaper (1905×1080), with huge (970x200px), clickable advertising element. Those components create a consistent composition, which makes screening an ideal advertising form for a branding campaign.

We differentiate 3 forms of screening:
– GOL Screening displayed only on Main Page
– GOL Screening displayed on Main Pages of GRYOnline.pl Sections
– GOL Screening ROS displayed in CPM model, without Main Page.
Wallpaper specification:
1905×1080 px; clickable area; available format: .jpg; max. weight: 250 KB; bottom and side ended with black colour (#00000);
Billboard specification:
970×200 px; clickable area; place for logo, „call to action” objects, etc; available formats: .png .jpg, HTML5; max. weight: 150KB;

In order to match creatives to the mobile devices, please provide us with 2 additional banners: 600×200 and 300×100; available formats: .png .jpg, HTML5; max. weight: 150KB;

Screening at Main Page:

Screening at Main Sections:

Examples of previous visualizations from past campaigns (hover over the image!)