GOL Midboard


Midboard – one of two ad forms available on the GRYOnline.pl main page.

Its attractiveness comes out of the perfect location, because it is placed under the hottest news on the main page and the possibility to use rich media creatives. Midboard is emmited independently from the other form – „Screening”.

With its large size (970×200 px), midboard is a really visible ad form, reaching readers interested in the news about electronic entertaiment.

Midboard placement:
– Available on the main page (Home), FF model;
Technical specification:
Size: 900x200px, available formats: .png .jpg, .gif, HTML5; max. weight: 150KB;

In order to match creatives to the mobile devices, please provide us with 2 additional banners: 600×200 and 300×100; available formats: .png .jpg, HTML5; max. weight: 150KB;